That’s a million dollar question, and answering the question “What Is A Mindset?”, is fundamental to change for the better, for all of us.

If you don’t know how a mindset for success is nurtured, then you are likely, for ever, to be locked into a lifetime of mediocrity, frustration, financial heartache and failure.

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It is a harsh reality, but it’s an absolute fact that the vast majority of people, even though they know that they are hurting, do absolutely nothing to change things.

You’ve no doubt read, time and time again, that whilst 5% of people succeed in life, the remaining 95% look back with regret in the Autumn of their lives, wondering where all the years went, and why they have achieved so little.

It’s a truth that the burden of regret, weighs far heavier than the burden of discipline.

So, What Is A Mindset?

what-is-mindset-for-successWell a mindset is a belief system or paradigm that determines the way we think and act.

Jim Rohn, one of my mentors always refers to our philosophy of life, the set of the sails that determines our end destination, and teaches us how, just a slight adjustment to the set of the sails will make a huge impact on our life.

As he quite rightly teaches, it’s no good at all just allowing ourselves to be blown randomly by the winds of change and circumstance. That’s risky, and its what the 95% do…

…we need to learn how to trim the sails, that’s what the 5% do, if we are ever going to learn how to determine our own outcomes, and how to avoid ending up desolate on a lonely beach somewhere!

Developing A Mindset For Success

What is a mindset for success? Well that’s remarkably simple to answer. A mindset for success is a mindset that allows you to take charge, to determine your own personal goal, or objective in life, and then empowers you to go to work and to turn your dream into reality.

They key here is that it must be your goal, not someone else’s.

95% of people are programmed, from very early in life, to go to school and to go and get a job.

I’m not knocking having a job, having a job is a great way to get started, that’s ok, that makes a lot of sense. It’s where we learn our social skills, how to work as a team and the value of money.

The challenge is that the majority of people just keep doing the same old, same old, and wonder why nothing ever gets any better.

Having a job is a stepping stone, not an end result. It’s where you can develop your own life plan, whilst enjoying a regular flow of income.

Other than one or two university dropouts, I reckon that the vast majority of entrepreneurs who have developed a successful business of any type, probably had a job once upon a time, just like all of us.

The important thing is to take control, and to develop a mindset for success, by setting yourself some meaningful career objectives, and then working step by step towards their achievement.

Rest assured there are many people who have done just that, and have become very successful intrepreneurs too, rising to the very top of the company that employed them.

That didn’t happen by chance.

They will have set goals and worked hard to achieve them. They will have studied, gained qualifications and improved all of their skills, in many areas. They learned early on what is a mindset for success and went to work.

What Is A Mindset Destroyer

Strangely enough, despite the fact that we are the only species on planet Earth with the capacity to self determine, we are at the same time, the only species that consistently fails, throughout the whole of our lifetime.

Think about it, there’s not a lion cub out there that doesn’t want to be the biggest, the strongest and the most ferocious lion that it can be…

…nor is there an antelope that doesn’t want to be the fittest, the fastest and most alert antelope in the jungle.

They can’t think for themselves. They are driven by their genes to achieve, at the highest level, in everything that’s fundamental to their survival, and to procreate.

Our challenge is that we can think, so the very first thing we have to learn to do is to modify our thoughts.

Surprisingly that’s the bit that’s hard.

So right now you need to go and learn about your Reticular Activating System. Until you learn how to take control away from your subconscious brain, you haven’t got a chance!

Here’s a list of some of the people who have taken control. They all have some words of advice, so go and check them out too…

Andrew Carnegie

Earl Nightingale

Jim Rohn

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