What’s your personal passion?

What do you think about, all day long, and what are you doing about it?

We all operate at maximum capacity if we are comfortable that our dreams and goals are in alignment with our daily routine, and we all always seek approval from a peer group with similar objectives.

If you are passionate about nutrition, then you should be aligned appropriately and if you are passionate about your physique, then you need to be motivated and you’ll need to be in the gym with kindred spirits!

For me, my passion has always been about self improvement, personal development and the creation and preservation of wealth. So meeting up with Shaun at the time of the launch of Legacy Gold, in May 2016 was provident.

The timing was perfect and so was the business model Shaun had designed.

The business just made sense to me. I could see the benefits of building a Golden Nest Egg and worked out that my monthly autoship of just £99 stacked up in every way.

I couldn’t buy gold in such small quantities at such low prices anywhere, so I knew I could recommend that, which protected my integrity.

After all, my customers could open their accounts for free and had the option at any time to upgrade.

That suited me. I had no inclination to be selling anything to anyone, so I was happy just to put it out there and see where it took me.

The 1.5g of gold included in my autoship each month was worth around £45 and by harnessing the tax breaks I was entitled to, now I’d added a self employment into my life, meant that the £99 became tax deductible at my highest rate of tax. That’s a 40% saving before ever considering any other tax deductions I could make!

So I collect the gold every month, effectively for free.

The business model is perfect. Just keep collecting the gold for a few years and you’ll never need to introduce anyone else to start to build a real legacy business, 100% underpinned by gold.

So here’s a question for you. Are you ready to build another income alongside your current employment, purely by association with me and Legacy Gold? It really is that straight forward.

And the timing is auspicious too. The advent of BullionCoin in 2018 will definitely add some spice to the pot and further ratchet up the income potential as we start to derive passive income from the yield on our BullionCoin.

Positioning yourself now is pretty important, There’s no time like the present and the Christmas break will give plenty of time to orientate.

When BullionCoin is launched, sometime in 2018, there will be changes needed to the whole Legacy Gold infrastructure and that means transitioning from physical to digital, so here’s some special incentives to grab your attention.

Early in the New Year, our Welcome Packs, containing 2g of physical gold, will become digital.

Which means we have some PHYSICAL Welcome Packs still in stock.

UK Based Affiliates and Customers

When you upgrade to Consultant and buy a Welcome Pack, we’ll give you an additional 1g of 999.9 fine gold, in your Bullion Account, completely free and when BullionCoin goes live, we’ll convert that to a yield bearing BullionCoin, in your wallet at no extra cost.

For Non UK Based Affiliates and Customers

With immediate effect, when you place an advanced order for an E-Welcome Pack, we’ll place 3g of 999.9 fine gold in your Bullion Account IMMEDIATELY! Not 1g, not 2g… but 3g of Fine Gold!

Plus, we’ll send you your Customer Discount Vouchers so you can get off to a flying start without delay. When BullionCoin launches, if you wish, we’ll convert those into yield bearing BullionCoins, in your wallet at no extra cost.

For existing Consultants

For every new Consultant you introduce, who purchases either a physical Welcome Pack OR an E-Welcome Pack, we’ll add a further 0.5g Gold Bonus to your Bullion Account.

People across the globe are awaiting the launch of BullionCoin. It makes more sense than ever to start building your team ahead of the New Year.

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