Jim Rohn QuotesI remember it well. It was Christmas 1994 when I heard my first Jim Rohn quotes

Much to the consternation of my parents, and everyone around me it seems, I had decided to start as a distributor for a network marketing company.

It made sense at the time, the cost of entry was low, there were no risks at all, my total investment to get started was under $1000 and, on paper at least, the income potential was unlimited.

That sounded like a pretty good proposition to me, so I put my blinkers on and went to work.

Around that time I was given as a gift, a book of Jim Rohn quotes, called “The Treasury of Quotes by Jim Rohn”. I still have it to this day…

…and from that day forward I became enthralled by the wisdom that Jim Rohn was sharing in his books, audios and videos.

Jim Rohn Quotes The Art Of Exceptional LivingI remember how excited I was when I picked up Jim Rohn’s 12 cassette training program called “The Art Of Exceptional Living”, that blew me away. I spent hours studying everything he was sharing with me and I too shared it with all the new members of my burgeoning new network of fellow home based entrepreneurs.

We didn’t just listen to those recordings, we all had journals and took copious notes…

…it was important that we retained this new knowledge and could revisit it regularly. I am glad we did because when you get your philosophy right, that’s when the miracles happen!

From the seed of an idea, which everyone told me was a ridiculous notion, the team grew at a phenomenal rate and within three years our income was fast approaching $200000 pa…

…and that team success was totally attributable to the change in mindset that reading the book of Jim Rohn quotes daily, allowed us to achieve by reprogramming our subconscious brains with new ways of thinking that made the achievement of apparently impossible goals, totally achievable.

The whole team bought into these new ways of thinking and were empowered. It was brilliant to see people start to believe in them selves and to watch them grow.

Jim Rohn Quotes Changed Our LivesWe took much of the credit, that’s sort of inevitable I guess, and our experiences over that period dramatically changed the course of our lives.

It was great to receive the plaudits from our peers and to receive the top awards, Executive Cup, Distributor of the Year…

…and speaking all around the country at major events was really exhilarating.

The money was good too!

But transcending all of that was the inner satisfaction that we were changing things for lots of people. None of us had ever received this type of education before in our lives, certainly not at school, or in the workplace…

…why is that I wonder? This information is fundamental knowledge that should be taught to all our children along with reading and writing. It’s that important…

Along the way I found that I was a great speaker and coach, and I have Jim Rohn to thank largely for that. I had never done it before, but studying his content and style really helped me to empower other people and get the best out of them.

My biggest frustration then, and still is today, that when speaking passionately to an audience of 10,000 people, as I did back then, it was always in the knowledge that only a small percentage of the people there would act on what I was teaching them. The vast majority would do absolutely nothing!

Fortunately I’ve figured that one out now, thanks to Dr Steven Pinker, and now, with an understanding of how the reticular activating system blocks out much of the teaching that we try to impart, we can deal with that first and give more people the chance to feel fulfilled in their lives.

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