It’s not for me to say very much other than to respect those that went before and the sacrifices they made.

In America, Independence Day is also referred to as “The Fourth Of July” and commemorates the signing of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, when the thirteen American Colonies united together as a new Nation and broke away from the British Empire.

An Independence Day Call To Action

Those were turbulent times and the “American War Of Independence” carried on through until 1783 when the “Treaty of Paris” ended the War.

Victory was won by just an army of 250,000 Patriots against a British army nearly five times bigger, but those Patriots were highly motivated and were fighting for a cause.

The World was a very different place all those years ago, but one thing stands out. Motivation is a key element of any success strategy…

…to succeed in any venture all of us need to be highly motivated, totally focused and have a very clear objective.

What Happened To The Independence Day Spirit?

When you look back in history there are so many examples of the the indomitable spirit that allowed inferior forces to prevail…

…and yet, today, when so many people are quite clearly not happy with their lives, I find it incredible that so few actually ever do anything to change it. It’s as if the programming has become so entrenched, that it has become impossible unlock.

If you have been following my blog, then you will know that is not the case. We can all reprogram our minds, so long as we are determined to do it. It’s just about believing in yourself and taking the appropriate action to retrain your reticular activating system.

Independence Day should mean more than just a cause for fireworks and a party. Independence Day should be the day on which we reflect and decide to take ownership of our own lives.

Yes we will meet challenges and we will be tested. However the rewards are immense and are totally worth the effort…

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