Learning how to earn more money is about appreciating that money is attracted to value, not need.

Typically people seek to find out how to “make money”, rather than earning money and fail to appreciate that it is only the Central Banks and the Official Mints around the World, that can ever make or manufacture money.

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Note: What’s incredible is that money is created every time someone goes to the bank for a loan. It doesn’t actually exist, a simple click on a computer keyboard at your local bank can introduce many thousands of pounds (or more) into the money supply.

Not so many years ago people were “free men”, they had trades and offered their services into the market. They knew all too well how to earn more money…

…the man who baked the best bread, he earned more money than the one who cared less about the quality of his loaf.

The farmer who tended his crops and his livestock diligently, and supplied the very best quality produce to market, well he inevitably earned much more money than the farmer who paid less heed to the weeds and the health of his flock.

So it is today. He who is the most diligent in pursuit of his labours will always out perform, and earn more money than someone else who is more slipshod in his work.

How To Earn More Money At Work

Here’s the dichotomy, those that came before us, the farmers, the bakers, the blacksmiths and the seamstresses all showed us the way…

…the way to earn more money is always to be the very best you can be at your own chosen profession, to stand away from the crowd and to be the most valuable person you can be, in whichever arena that you perform.

However, that fundamental concept has been eroded over generations, as people came to believe that society owed them a living.

Times have changed though and the concept of security of employment, a gold watch and a meaningful pension in retirement are long gone.

Anyone wishing to learn how to earn more money must first understand that he or she must step away from the crowd, and that’s a huge challenge.

Consensus thinking, doing what everyone else does is the norm. We seem to have an innate herding instinct, and where the rest of the herd goes, we tend to follow.

Breaking away from the herd is incredibly difficult because the influences that mould us when we are youngsters, are passed from generation to generation and become entrenched paradigms, or belief systems.

To understand better the impact of the Superior “I” (Reticular Activating System), click on that link and take a few moments to better understand how you can take control, reprogram your subconscious and put up a defensive wall against all those negative influences that might otherwise hold you back.

If you really are serious about exploring how to earn more money, then you must put a plan in place that includes feeding the mind as well as the body.

Results are created from the actions we take and our actions result directly from our thoughts, and that interminable flow of “self talk”, that we each live with daily.

Learning how to earn more money is about learning how to become more valuable to the market.

Concentrate on adding value, and the flow of earnings will multiply in direct proportion.

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