What’s absolutely for certain is that the entrepreneurial brain is employed in a completely different way to the brain of most people.

Notice I said “is employed” and not “works”

All our brains actually function, fundamentally, in exactly the same way, with the two elements of the brain, the conscious and the subconscious, working in harmony. How the Entrepreneurial brain works is exactly the same as anybody else in that regard.

They both work in harmony because the subconscious brain is, to a large extent, programmed by the conscious brain. Yes there are many functions that the subconscious brain performs on “autopilot” with absolutely no input from us, after all it’s the subconscious brain that keeps us alive, but rest assured, the rest of the time, it is working on the instructions that we program into it through the thoughts that we have from day to day.

how-the-entrepreneurial-brain-worksThe power of the human brain is immense. It’s unlikely that at any time in the foreseeable future, despite the huge leaps in technological innovation, that we will come close to replicating the capabilities of the human brain via technology.

It is the most advanced computer in the Universe and just like all other computers, it can only respond to the input data it receives, and the only input data it receives is created by the thoughts that we live with.

We were all born with brains that had the capability to be entrepreneurial and we were all born with brains that had the capacity not to be. What our brain subsequently created for us, as our reality, is totally as a result of the thoughts that we have had along the way.

When we think poor thoughts our subconscious brain responds accordingly, believing that what you think about is what you desire. It reinforces our perception of life as we have programmed it to do. It is robotic, it cannot do anything other than follow the instructions that you give, through the endless self talk and mental chatter that is happening every waking moment of your life.

Think, where do those thoughts that we live with daily come from?

They didn’t just happen. They have been crafted through your experiences in life, inputs from your parents, inputs from your friends and inputs from the people with whom you associate daily.

To understand how the entrepreneurial brain works is simple. When you get inside the entrepreneurial brain you will find that it works in exactly the same way as all other human brains. The only difference is the quality of the input their subconscious brain is receiving. They are thinking thoughts of abundance rather than thoughts of scarcity.

Inside the entrepreneurial brain, entrepreneurs are thinking about entrepreneurial ideas, all of the opportunities that abound, and how they can profit from them, rather than all the reasons why those self same opportunities are not available to them, and they cannot.

They have taken control of their reticular activating system and are totally in control of the way they think about being successful, and the actions they take.

How the entrepreneurial brain works is to challenge consensus.

Just look around you, if you keep doing what everyone else does, thinking like everyone else does and tolerating like everyone else does, what are you going to end up with? That’s right, exactly the same as everyone else does.

Consensus thinking creates a mediocre life, dreams are unfulfilled and we find ourselves accepting our lot in life and giving in. Tolerating feeling underpaid, tolerating restricted holiday entitlements, tolerating all the limitations that doing what everyone else does imposes upon us.

Rest assured that is not how the entrepreneurial brain works! Entrepreneurs turn their back on the consensus pity party, they seek out new challenges, they put themselves on the line and they make commitments. They roll their sleeves up and they go to work on their dreams.

We all have a choice to make. Do we spend the whole of our lives helping others to fulfil their dreams, or do we go to work on our own dreams?

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