Entrepreneurial ideas abound, and big dreams are not in short supply, but here’s the reality…

…whatever the endeavour, and however amazing their entrepreneurial ideas, the majority of “wannabe” entrepreneurs never even get off the launch pad.

Getting started in any new enterprise takes courage, determination and commitment and without that, the hurdles and challenges you will meet along the way are like mountains to climb and reaching the summit will become an impossible dream.

The minority group who turn their entrepreneurial ideas into reality are those that follow their dreams with a total “lazer like” focus that eliminates the distractions, reprograms the Superior “I” (The Reticular Activating System) and turns the mountains to climb into insignificant irritations that can be swatted away with ease.

entrepreneurial ideasUnderstanding how the entrepreneurial brain works is an essential master skill for success in any endeavour.

Turning entrepreneurial ideas into reality has always been, and always will be about “Goals”.

Successful entrepreneurs have a very clear picture of their objectives, they know exactly where they are going and why.

Unless YOU have that, then it’s impossible to maintain the clarity of thought that’s required to avoid the “Shiny Object” and multiple other distractions that will take you off course unless you have enshrouded yourself in the cloak of invincibility that only comes with clarity of purpose.

Entrepreneurial Ideas Will Be Challenged

Being successful is simple, but never easy…

…being successful is about aligning entrepreneurial ideas with clarity of purpose, defined strategies and massive focused action.

Your success has to become the dominant thought that you live with all day long and you take to bed with you at night. It has to be programmed into your subconscious mind as a reality, as if you can touch it and feel it. It’s within your grasp, you know you can do it and nothing can possibly stop you.

That’s why our entrepreneurial ideas, goals or objectives need to be considered carefully, analysed and thought about. They need to be aligned with your personal passion, they need to excite you and they have to become emotionalised, so you need to attach a “Why?” to your goals…

“Why” are your goals so important to you? They need to mean something…

Why do you want to succeed?

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  • Because you are sick and fed up of feeling sick and fed up?
  • Because being undervalued and underpaid every single day of your life is becoming intolerable?
  • Because you want to go on the holidays that you want and not the ones you can afford?
  • Because you want your kids to be proud of you?
  • Because you want to prove to yourself and maybe to others, that you can be?
  • Because you deserve a beautiful house in the country?
  • Because there’s a car that you have always dreamed of owning and that’s just not going to happen until you make some changes?
  • Because you deserve to experience life without worry?


What ever it is that will motivate you to meet every challenge head on and crash through it as if it doesn’t exist… get it down on paper, write it down and promise yourself that nothing will ever stop you getting to where you truly want to be.

You’d maybe struggle to climb an eight foot wall…

…but rest assured that if a lion was chasing you, you’d be over it in a flash. You just need a reason “WHY?”.

Goals are the rocket boosters that turn dreams into reality.

All entrepreneurial ideas and aspirations will manifest in reality for those who take appropriate action on this knowledge

Set big goals, stretch yourself, spread your wings and fly…

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