When you analyse the differences between the Employee Vs Entrepreneur Mindset it soon becomes clear that everything about the way they each think is poles apart.

An entrepreneur typically has a very clear vision of where he or she is headed, whilst an employee tends not to be so sure.

There is a huge divide but when it comes down to it I’ve figured around nine major differences in the Employee Vs Entrepreneur Mindset that determine whether or not someone is cut out for entrepreneurship.

Understanding this is potentially life changing.

The Biggest Difference Between The Employee Vs Entrepreneur Mindset

The first thing that all budding entrepreneurs need to understand is the difference between your vision and your mission.

Your vision is the picture of where you want to go or what YOU want to achieve…

…you need to think about that carefully, but once you have a clear vision of the future state you are striving for, then that should not change.

You can cast that in concrete, and you should focus on that goal every waking moment of every day, it’s the knowledge that you can get there, so long as you persevere, that will pull you through the dark times when everything seems to be going wrong…

…and rest assured, you will experience those dark days along the way.

employee vs entrepreneurYour mission however needs to be more flexible.

Your mission is the plan of action that moves you towards your vision and you will need to be able to react quickly to anything that gets in your way, adjust course and press on.

The most successful entrepreneurs have the ability to always keep sight of their objectives, their vision, and have the flexibility to react fast and focus on the big tasks that create the most forward momentum in their business.

They are constantly expanding their horizons as they progress their action plans and embrace all the new opportunities that might reveal themselves along the way.

In the same way there will be a small minority of Intrepreneurs who see the big picture in the workplace and carve out hugely successful careers…

…however they will be very much in the minority.

For the majority of employed people the primary goal is survival, just getting through the day, the week, the month and the year.

An employee’s vision has a tendency to be limited to self preservation.

The ability to make the decision in the first place to self determine and to live, rather than just survive, is a critical turning point in the transition from employee thinking into developing the mindset of an entrepreneur.

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