When Legacy Gold launched back in May 2016 it  was a real privilege to be reunited with Shaun Charity and to be reminded of his outstanding level of professionalism, and of the core values, he has maintained throughout a long and distinguished career, in and around direct sales and MLM.

I was incredibly impressed by the ethos and culture of sharing the wealth and reconnecting the money in our pocket with the underlying resources that the World has to offer.

What impressed me even more was that in a world of over inflated prices within the MLM sector, here we had an opportunity to autoship gold, in manageable quantities, at the very best prices available anywhere. That was, and is today, remarkably refreshing.

Gold is the ultimate autoship. It has an allure all of its own and there’s no one on earth who wouldn’t like to own more. There are no “Sell By” dates attaching to Gold and it will never perish.

Throughout history it has been the chosen store of wealth of the ruling elite.

The Legacy Gold Philosophy

Our Mission

To offer a Business Opportunity which anybody can build in order to secure their financial future; where people from all walks of life can enjoy a lifestyle they desire, safe in the knowledge that their destiny and security is truly in their own hands.

Our Vision
To build a global Business in line with our Mission, creating a Culture which encourages personal growth and development, where people help themselves by helping others in turn, to create a Legacy of their own.

BullionCoin And Legacy Gold An Inspired Collaboration

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Shaun Charity – CEO and Founder of Legacy Gold

With over 28 year’ experience in Direct Sales and FMCG, both in senior corporate positions and in the field, Shaun has been instrumental in developing some of the most dynamic companies in the industry and mentoring some of the most successful individuals.

In addition to developing a vehicle for people to build their own home-based businesses, Shaun’s Vision is to create a platform for individuals to learn from others and in turn, help people to become aware of the ability which we all have, to design and live the life we really want.

Thomas Koenye – Co Founder Of BullionCoin

Comes from a very different world and is the visionary, spark and spearhead behind BullionCoin.

When these two visionaries met, that’s when the sparks really started to fly!

The issue with gold has always been that it has become detached,  over time, from the money in our pocket. It’s a valuable  asset, but it doesn’t provide a yield.

With cryptocurrency it has always been about volatility, how could a cryptocurrency be tied down so it doesn’t experience the extraordinary highs and lows we have been seeing with Bitcoin?

Velocity too is an essential component of an electronic cryptocurrency. What percentage of the coins are traded, rather than sat upon,  what volume of the money base changes hands daily?

That’s just around 4% in today’s crypto market, so the majority, 96% of all cryptocurrencies are being held by speculators, causing illiquidity and delays.

The more you trade a cryptocurrency the more accepted it becomes, the faster transactions can be made and the more transaction fees you can get back. An eco system of shared wealth.

I believe that BullionCoin And Legacy Gold An Inspired Collaboration in every sense of the word, might offer the final global crypto solution.

We will have to see what 2018 brings, but this is one Inspired Collaboration that’s on the launch pad as we speak. Getting positioned and learning all about the phenomenal opportunity we have in our grasp, should be an absolute priority.

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