I need to tell you something very important about BullionCoin that is going to affect all of us in 2018. What is essential is that you open your minds to the possibility and allow yourself to receive this new information.

What’s clear to me is that there is a huge shift in the way money is being apportioned across Society. The rich are getting richer and the rest of us are struggling with ever declining incomes, whilst the cost of living, and of housing particularly, is spiralling out of control.

The cost of new housing is fast becoming out of the reach of most families, particularly in the South where so many of the nouveau rich, new millionaires, people who have positioned themselves in front of the huge wealth transfer of the last decade, are buying up property as investors and speculators.

It’s typically foreign money. That’s the Big5 comprising the Russian Federation, China, India, South Africa and Brazil. The BRICS group of countries are even now in discussions to establish their own gold trading system.

Power follows Gold.

Things are not going to change, unless we do. Money and monetary policy has been linked to power over 1000’s of years. It’s not new.

  1. Particularly when using money to control a population.
  2. The banks are using money to exert undue influence over the amount of money in our pockets.
  3. The pity is, we’ve just let it happen at a time when opportunity abounded.
  4. Might it be possible that there is a way we could do it? Cut out the Banks and take control over our own financial destiny.

Thomas Koenye – Co Founder Of BullionCoin thinks there is.

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Thomas is the visionary, spark and spearhead behind BullionCoin and has self-funded the development to date.

He holds dual Masters degrees in Finance and Marketing and has enjoyed a lifelong international career in senior executive positions in Fortune 50 companies in fast moving consumer goods, real estate development, technology and telecommunications sectors.

He’s done a lot of work on the BullionCoin project and I’m liking what I am hearing and seeing.

  1. We are losing our freedoms in so many ways and we need to change this.
  2. Cross border travel now needs a return ticket and it didn’t used to be like that.
  3. There are restrictions on information, there are political risks, the potential risks of nuclear conflagration, there are risks in the banking sector and we are having to pay the banks to hold our cash, against the spectre of inflation.
  4. We have to reverse this trend.

What needs to happen is that we become our own BullionCoin cryptocurrency bank – although as we’ve seen with Bitcoin this can be a risky business, with massive volatility being the main issue.

  1. What happens when a better widget comes along. You could be left holding something you cannot exchange.
  2. Virtual Money – frictionless payment system.
  3. Return to Gold and Silver – Physical Metal – Backing – avoid the fractional banking system all together?

How do we do that?

Risk free and compliant.

How can we convert precious metal into a commodity that produces a yield? So people do actually use them. This avoids the volatility inherent in other speculative cryptocurrencies.

Gresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good”. For example, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation, which are accepted by law as having similar face value, the more valuable commodity will disappear from circulation.

  1. Precious Metals – Gold and Silver have lost there trading capacity, BullionCoin can change that.
  2. This is a disruption of the Gold and Silver markets. There is a revolution in hand, excitement and questions being asked.
  3. Let’s have a Bitcoin that gives a yield, that has intrinsic value, that we can freely transact with a transaction fee digitally assigned to the BullionCoin itself.

A system in which we have a primary market in which wholesale contracts are purchased – gold is stored in the secure vault – the investing party then receives the digital title, the BullionCoin – and then can sell on into the blockchain and recover the fiat currency they bought the gold with!

For the rest of their life in perpetuity they will receive a percentage of the transaction fees.

This is the best deal in town – a spectacular reward system.

Based upon the values we grew up with, including respect and the true sharing of wealth, most of the wealth will be given back to the users, they deserve it.

BullionCoin Ewallet – KYC compliance is being processed as we speak – no corners being cut

If you have an ewallet you can go out and introduce new wallet holders.

  1. BullionCoin 1:1 will be fully backed by gold 1g and Silver 50 g
  2. No involvement by bankers, frictionless payment system no inflation will be built in backed by intrinsic value, low volatility
  3. Assets will appreciate

We are at the cusp of something spectacular – premiums for silver and gold will go up.

BullionCoin Velocity is an essential component.

What percentage of the coins are traded, rather than sat upon – what volume of the money base changes hand daily, traded – just 4%  today including Bitcoin – so the majority of cryptocurrencies are being held by speculators – the more you use it, the more transaction fees you can get back.

BullionCoin Will Be An Eco System of Shared Wealth

I implore you to take 15 minutes out of your busy day and listen to Thomas Koenye. This project makes so much sense and by association with Legacy Gold, you will be positioned to take advantage of their aggregation of gold, and become a CREATOR of this revolutionary  new cryptocurrency, at just 1g of gold, or 50g of silver, at a time.