Chances are that you already know why buying gold is a smart idea.

But do you know what happens when two Worlds collide, when new money, cryptocurrency, meets old money, gold?

The shockwaves are felt all around the World!

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Understanding BullionCoin

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which uses encryption techniques to ensure security and verify the transfer of funds, independently from the banking system, and it’s here to stay.

Transactions are recorded using blockchain technology which records every transaction in a linear and chronological order.

People buy things using password protected e wallets which allow online and mobile transactions through a PC or Smartphone.

E Wallets can be linked to your bank account or digital currency account. All data is encrypted for security and can include personal details to facilitate more efficient trading.

None of the existing 900 + global crypto currencies are a guaranteed store of wealth. They, just like fiat currencies, are not backed by anything and rely totally on people continuing to attribute value. They are volatile and their value is totally at the whim of public demand.


BullionCoin is the first cryptocurrency to be backed 1:1 by fine gold and silver – 50g Silver and 1g Gold BullionCoins.

BullionCoins are a true store of wealth, a mainstream currency and an instrument for the financial markets.

Whilst the value of BullionCoin can rise and fall just like the other crypto currencies out there, based on supply and demand, the value of BullionCoins can never fall below the value of the gold and silver that backs it.

It has its own built in safety net.

For the first time ever, thanks to the phenomenal power of the blockchain, gold and silver will now pay a yield.

All transactions using BullionCoin will be monitored on the blockchain and every time a BullionCoin is traded or exchanged, the person who created it receives a yield, and that’s paid for life.

The magic happens at the Bullion Exchange.

BullionCoin isn’t designed merely to be held, its designed to be traded, that’s when the magic happens.

There’s an app too, so you can access your account whilst in the move.

Introducing BullionCoin to a Merchant or Trader

BullionCoin can pay you over and over. Whenever you introduce a Merchant who opens a BullionCoin e wallet, you get paid on every transaction on that account too, for life!

The BullionCoin Collaboration with Legacy Gold

To create BullionCoins the Bullion Coin Exchange would normally require a deposit of circa $300,000, however in a unique collaboration, Legacy Gold is now positioned to bring BullionCoin into the hands of ordinary people from as little as one coin at a time.

So now, BullionCoin is no longer the exclusive domain of the institutions and the mega wealthy, anyone can participate in this unique global opportunity, and get paid for life.

BullionCoin could become the most popular “in demand” crypto currency in the World.

Are you ready to make your hard earned cash, work for you?

Don’t miss out on first mover advantage. Visit Legacy Gold and open your free account. That way you’ll be kept up to speed on all the hot news as it happens!

There’s a really good article here on the Atkinsons Bullion Dealers website. Read the comments at the end of the article, they are really interesting too.

“One thing is certain, as the 1988 (Rothschild Owned Economist foretold) there are big changes ahead involving the blockchain and gold backed currencies. The Phi on the gold coin round the Pheonix neck refers to the greek symbol for the Golden Ratio and the 10 probably refers to ones and zeros, which is binary code, meaning technology. Combine the two in 2018, and what do we get? Gold backed cryptocurrency.”

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