The 10 rules for being successful that Andrew Carnegie lived by, were the foundation upon which Napoleon Hill’s famous book, “Think and Grow Rich” was based.

Andrew Carnegie was born on my birthday, November 25th, way back in 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland and emigrated with his very poor family to America in 1848, in his early teens.

He started work as a telegrapher, but was cannily astute with his money, and by the time he was in his early 20’s he had already accumulated substantial investments in the railroads, oil derricks and bridges.

Being successful was clearly not a challenge to Andrew Carnegie and he subsequently went on to build the Carnegie Steel Company which he sold to JP Morgan, when he was 65, for $480 million in 1901.

That’s the equivalent of over $13 billion in today’s money!

being successful 10 rulesHe was a remarkable philanthropist. After he died a journal was found in his desk drawer in which he had set out his life’s goals. In it he had written the words:

“I will spend the first half of my life acquiring wealth, and the second half giving it all away”.

He was true to his word and gave over $350 million to charities and Foundations in his lifetime…

Napoleon Hill was a journalist who asked Carnegie for an interview for a series he was writing about successful entrepreneurs and being successful.

Andrew Carnegie clearly liked the man he met, and decided to help Napoleon Hill to go one step further and write a book about being successful, and shared with him his “10 Rules of Success” that subsequently became the basis for “Think and Grow Rich”.

Napoleon Hill’s book was published for the first time in 1937 and has gone on to become an all time best seller.

These are Andrew Carnegie’s 10 Rules for Being Successful

checkmark1. Define your Purpose.

We all need goals, it’s what defines us. If you haven’t set any yet, your first goal should be to sit down and think very carefully what you want to achieve in life…and write it down! If you don’t have a “Purpose” to your life, then that is a life wasted.

checkmark2. Create a “Mastermind Alliance.”

We are a product of the people with whom we associate. There are some people we should not hang around with. Being successful is about mixing with people who have what you want to have, and are going where you want to go…

checkmark3. Go the Extra Mile.

No one gets heat from a fire unless they put the wood in first. You have to be prepared to do the things today for which you are not getting paid, so you can get paid in the future for the things you are not doing…

checkmark4. Practice “Applied Faith.”

I always think of this as the way I felt before major surgery. I didn’t question the surgeon or the anaesthetist, I surrendered to their skill. I had faith in them. In life we have to have faith that we can do what others are doing. We can. We just need to apply ourselves diligently and be patient.

checkmark5. Have Personal Initiative.

This one is pretty obvious really. If you keep on doing what everyone else is doing, you’ll always have what everyone else has got. So think outside of the box

checkmark6. Indulge your imagination.

It’s been said so many times, but being successful is about daring to dream and taking appropriate action. By indulging your imagination you can reprogram your Reticular Activating System and release your true potential.

checkmark7. Exert enthusiasm.

When I wake up in the morning and see the green grass I am so thankful that I am seeing it from above… that it’s impossible not to be enthusiastic about life. Embrace every moment, it really is later than you think…

checkmark8. Think accurately.

Don’t allow “Fear” to hold you back. “Fear” is in this context is usually only “False Evidence Appearing Real!” In my experience, 90% of what you worry about never happens, so don’t constrict yourself.

checkmark9. Concentrate your effort.

Focus like a Laser Beam on being successful, achieving your objectives, and nothing will ever stop you. There is no challenge or hurdle big enough to defeat any of us with a “Purpose”,  when we have 100% focus on achieving our objectives. That’s how the entrepreneurial brain works

checkmark10. Profit from adversity.

You didn’t learn to walk without falling over many times, neither did riding a bike come easy. The major challenge human beings face is that they can think. When things go wrong, don’t think yourself into failure! Learn from adversity, kick it on the butt and move on to bigger and better things…

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