This time last year the Crypto Currencies were hitting amazing new heights… and then along came the futures exchanges and Bitcoin collapsed from $20000 to the current level of circa $6500 and every other crypto followed suit.

Throughout that time there has been one constant, the value of gold, which remains probably the most secure store of wealth available today. Which is no surprise, as it has been ever since time immemorial.

The Legacy Gold Mission Is To Empower People Through Gold

legacy goldLegacy gold is all about creating a secure nest egg of Gold Bullion, whilst facilitating the generation of a fabulous income from referrals.

If you take the Gold value out of the equation (because that remains as your money anyway), the cost of opening your own Bullion Consultancy with Legacy Gold, with all the sales and marketing support of a franchise, your own website and back office, your own online sales platform, working with the UK’s oldest refiners of gold and offering the very best prices for gold available anywhere…

…all that, plus a Reward Programme that pays you, very well, in gold and currency and requires an investment of less than £100 and £1 a day from month 2 onwards.

Not to mention the £1000 plus worth of Customer Discount Vouchers you get every month that are yours to give away and the tax benefits available to the self employed.

Why wouldn’t YOU consider that Legacy Gold is a great idea?

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